Vehicle Maintenance For Vehicles in Central New Jersey

Quality Auto Glass can keep your vehicle looking and functioning at its best!

Leak Troubleshooting And Repair

Water could be the death of your vehicle. Even a small leak can wreak havoc on the metal and electrical components in your vehicle. The best thing you can do is fix the leak IMMEDIATELY.

The sooner you call Quality Auto Glass, the less damage that leak can cause. The most common causes of water leaks are old, worn seals around the windows, doors, and trunk. These rubber seals in your vehicle WILL wear out eventually. While there is a cost involved in replacing these seals, it is much less than the potential damage a minor water leak can cause over time.

When you notice a leak around your windows, sunroof, or rag top, call Quality Auto Glass at (800) 794-1239 as soon as you can.


Leaks and window seals repaired for cars and trucks

Ragtop repair and replacement for convertibles

Convertible and Rag Top Repair

The convertible top on your vehicle serves the same purpose as hard tops, but the lighter material in a convertible top is much more susceptible to the elements and is prone to cracking, tearing, or simply wearing through. Many drivers are content with a simple patch to the damaged area, but for those who are only satisfied with perfection, call Quality Auto Glass for a practically invisible repair or complete convertible top replacement.


Window Motor & Regulator Repair

Power window repair in New Jersey

Other sources of leaks around your windows involve the power window motor and window regulator. These two elements work as a team to not only open and close your window but to ensure the glass makes a water-tight seal with the rubber seals around the door frame. A slow window motor is annoying but can lead to even more headache as it allows water infiltration.

Lock Repair

car door lock repair services in South Plainfield NJ

Locked out in the cold again? It's time to call Quality Auto Glass to finally get that lock fixed. Quality Auto Glass offers lock repair and replacement for power and manual locks as well as keyless entry systems.