Auto Glass Insurance Claims

Filing an insurance claim for your windshield replacement or repair has never been easier!

It is your right in the state of New Jersey to choose the auto glass replacement facility that replaces your auto glass. You may be told by your insurance company that a particular shop is "not qualified" to perform your replacement and that payment resolution will be left to you if you do not choose the "correct" shop. This information is INTENTIONALLY FALSE and MISLEADING. This ploy is used by many insurance companies to steer work to auto glass shops owned by the same insurance company.


Filing an auto glass insurance claim? Call Quality Auto Glass first!

We can help you file an auto glass insurance claim

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The Letter of the Law:

Unless the insurer is exercising a right under the policy to repair damaged property, it shall not require, as a condition to payment of claims that repairs be made by a particular contractor or repair shop.

Leaders In Auto Glass Safety

For over 25 years, Quality Auto Glass has been a leader in auto glass replacement safety. Our technicians are safety certified with several key industry manufacturers (ADCO, 3M, Essex) to ensure a working knowledge of all products involved in auto glass replacement. This background knowledge ensures a safe, reliable auto glass replacement every time.

Both Quality Auto Glass locations in Plainfield, NJ are acceptable auto glass service locations for resolution of your insurance claim. We are linked to every insurance company nationwide and can handle most of the paperwork for you. There is no price negotiation on your part; all we have to do is verify your coverage. Your claim will be sent to your insurance provider instantly, via the internet, to ensure fast resolution of your claim.

If you ever have a problem with your auto glass replacement, we will correct the problem at no charge. Simply schedule a time to visit one of our locations, or set up a mobile service appointment.