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Auto Glass Replacement Safety

At Quality Auto Glass, we take your auto glass replacement very seriously. We understand that the glass in your vehicle protects against more than wind, rain and road debris. It keeps your family and friends safe in a worst-case scenario - a car accident. It is our sincere hope you never have to rely on the glass in your vehicle to save your life, but just in case, we take every precaution to ensure a safe, secure fit in every auto glass replacement we perform. When your glass breaks, call Quality Auto Glass for a safe, reliable replacement.  Serving Plainfield, Newark, Elizabeth, Edison, Hamilton, Lakewood, Union, and the rest of central New Jersey since 1987.

Safety practices and knowledge of auto glass sets Quality Auto Glass apart from the competition.

Product Knowledge

  • Quality Auto Glass technicians are trained in the safe use of glass adhesives which are used to secure the windshield to the vehicle frame.
  • Quality Auto Glass technicians are trained to detect and treat corrosion in order to prevent future issues with the bond between your windshield and the vehicle frame.
  • Quality Auto Glass works to get you the best price on your auto glass replacement without sacrificing safety.
Auto Glass Replacement Safety

Vehicle Knowledge

  • Quality Auto Glass technicians are continuously trained to understand and follow the safety requirements for all the latest vehicle models from all manufacturers.
  • The technicians at Quality Auto Glass have experience working with nearly every configuration and style of auto glass weather seals and window regulators to ensure a tight fit that is guaranteed to hold up to wind noise and water leaks for years to come.
  • Technicians at Quality Auto Glass have a minimum of five years of experience working in auto glass replacement.

Ensure Your Safety by Being Informed

As you shop around for auto glass replacement service you may see prices fluctuate by quite a bit. How can one company offer a windshield replacement for $100 less than everyone else?

  1. Many companies use cheap, low-quality glass from international suppliers in their auto glass replacements. The cost for this glass is significantly less than standard OEM glass, but does not conform to or even come close to meeting the auto glass safety standards set by the U.S. Government.
  2. Many glass companies are able to lower their prices by NOT renewing their auto glass safety certificate or by not participating in training seminars to learn the proper installation procedures of glass in new vehicles. While the safety requirements for past vehicles does not change too much from year to year, each new model year can bring with it drastic changes in the type of glass used, the process and materials needed to properly adhere the glass to the vehicle frame, and new stress point locations as well as changes to the windshield moldings and weather seals.